Mickey Alice Kwapis

professionally trained & licensed taxidermist

Mickey Alice Kwapis is a fully licensed and professionally trained taxidermy instructor who practices sustainable methods of the craft in her own work and in her classes.

Photo by Christian Watson of 1924.us

Mickey Alice Kwapis is a professionally trained, licensed taxidermist, traveling taxidermy instructor and co-founder of The Niche Lab. She has been working in the taxidermy industry since March of 2012. Known internationally for her pop-up classes, Mickey teaches students everything they need to know to mount small mammals using traditional, museum-quality skin study specimen preservation techniques from start to finish in one class session.

Mickey practices sustainable taxidermy methods and has worked and taught at such institutions as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Audubon Zoo, the University of Washington, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She has also served as a consultant to novelist Lauren Beukes. Mickey currently works as a volunteer in the bird labs at both the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and the Field Museum. Her lectures are primarily targeted towards those with an interest in biology, science, and natural history but all taxidermy enthusiasts and curious people are welcome so long as they are respectful to the specimens and the teaching environment!